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The Book ‘Moderation Is Key’.

Have you purchased your copy of the recently published healthy lifestyle book Moderation Is Key? Wondering about my qualifications to write in this area? Here you go...

I have a proven track record with intentionally fuelling my body with healthy foods and exercise for over 30 years. I lost weight this way and have kept it off. I share tips that have also helped people successfully lose weight and keep it off. These qualify me to write authoritatively, and I do it with a fresh approach to this often written about topic.

I have a  readable writing style. Moderation Is Key' is 'a cannot put down, until it's finished kind of book'. It is also a good reference book for various healthy lifestyle solutions. It is a must have book to be read, enjoyed and will make a significant difference to the way you look at food.

This chapter-by-chapter outline  will show you what you are missing, if you are still undecided…

Chapter 1

A Healthy Lifestyle

In this first chapter, I emphasise looking at our bodies as The Lord's temple, that it is, to be fuelled mindfully. Remembering and looking at our bodies as His Temple, should inspire us to fuel it respectfully, with predominantly healthy foods. I also remind the reader that we all have a unique purpose to fulfil, which we will be better equipped for, with a healthy body.

Chapter 2

Popular/Fad Diets

This is an overview of a few fad diets; The keto diet, the Dukan diet, the whole-30 diet, the Paleo diet, etc. I discuss their attractions and pitfalls.  I give an alternative to these diets, that is more likely to help us attain our desired results in a sustainable manner.

Chapter 3

God's Way

I give a narrative of the nutritious foods that God has so graciously blessed us with. They are good quality foods, be it carbs, proteins or fats. There is nothing wrong with carbs per se, as is often claimed in many popular diets. It is their quality that matters. Mindfully eating a variety of these healthy foods is not what ails us...it is consuming often excessively, overly processed foods/drinks that is the problem.

Chapter 4

My Way

In this chapter, I discuss the way I have eaten for over 30 years to stay healthy and maintain my weight. I give an outline of my approach to food, which is similar to that of the French. I also mention some insights into my eating habits pre-weight loss, and share what I did to lose weight. I emphasise the importance of the planning, the quantity and timing of our meals. My aim in this chapter is to show that we can eat a wide variety of nutrient dense foods including CARBS, and keep our weight in check. Moderation is key.

Chapter 5

Processed Sugar, Foods and Drinks

This chapter includes a discussion on how addictive these processed products can be. The efforts made and costs incurred by  food manufacturers, to achieve this end game…getting consumers addicted. I give a narrative about the proliferation of ailments, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver disease, obesity etc., suffered by the inhabitants of countries in Africa and Asia very soon after these products were first introduced. Proving that these foods are  the likely culprit. I also mention other surprising consequences of processed foods, such as sagging skin, wrinkles and depression.

Chapter 6


I discuss the Daniel fast, juice, vegetable and intermittent fasting and their role in stewarding our body, His Temple. I generally do not encourage extreme measures with weight loss, as can occur with fasting over long periods. However the Daniel fast can improve our spiritual health in addition to being a good jump start to healthy living, as can other fasts.

Chapter 7


In this chapter I give an overview of metabolism and its role in weight loss. Metabolism generally refers to the breakdown of food and its conversion into energy. I also discuss how the way we fuel our bodies can impact our metabolism.

Chapter 8

Physical Activity and Exercise

A healthy lifestyle is part exercise and mainly nutrition – a good ratio for a healthy lifestyle is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition.

I discuss the difference between physical activity and exercise and their impact on our general wellbeing and lifestyle. I encourage my readers to be physically active, exercise and even better do both. I also give suggestions of foods to consume before and after exercise routines, for optimum results.

Chapter 9

Adverse Reactions To Foods

I discuss the difference between adverse reactions to food which are mainly food allergies and food intolerance. The most common culprits being gluten, lactose, nuts and seafood. And give a narrative of their impact on our general wellbeing and how to manage them.

Chapter 10

Cannot seem to lose weight?

This includes a way forward for people who have been diligent in trying to lose weight, but are experiencing little or no success. This can be very demoralising, but thankfully can often be resolved.  The usual culprits here are sleep deprivation and a number of medical conditions. I  discuss a couple of these conditions, which generally have to be treated for successful weight loss.

Chapter 11

Losing Weight
This is probably my favourite chapter.

Here, I encourage my readers not to be discouraged about losing weight, even though it may be arduous. Particularly, if they have eaten mindlessly and lived a sedentary life for a while. It is small deliberate steps that are likely to ensure success. I also remind people, that they can depend on God's Word. As an example He promises us that we can do ALL things through Christ Who strengthens us. This can include losing weight.

Chapter 12

Useful Tips

In this concluding chapter, I share tips that have worked for me. These include a discussion of the possible impact of stress, snacks and so called cheat days on our well being. I give a narrative on the importance of paying attention to food labels for an analysis of a product's ingredients. I discuss the unreliability of calorie counting. I also share my preference of the use of an item of clothing over scales as a good 'weight' indicator.

I conclude with a reminder that the everyday choices we make to keep ourselves healthy are so important, both to the quality of our lives and to our ability to do all that God has planned for us. We must intentionally fuel our bodies with nutrient dense foods, exercise and manage stress too.

You are just a click away from owning your own copy. The paperback is available on this website and on Amazon too; where you also have the choices of...hardback, audio and kindle.

Here's to your success in achieving a sustainable healthy life style.

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